Kindly explain God in your own words

Re: Kindly explain God in your own words

Postby archie » Thu Oct 13, 2011 1:06 pm

Hi Ashish
To me, God is the Unseen, the unseen hand-before rising of the sun, the unseen blowing the air we breathe, the unseen creating waves, the unseen that grows a tree from a seed in earth, the unseeen that evaporates water and returns it in form of rain from clouds, the unseen that makes water flow from eyes, ... it is there behind every happening ...
to others it may be a scientific logic, a miracle, an icon, a statue, a religeous book, a feeling, an intution, or whatever, to me it is one and only-the unseen,

though, it is pleasent to see HIM/ visualze HIM in form of Shiva...
Seeing the unseen God for me...

u have'nt shared your views about God,
pl reply

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