domestic violence

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domestic violence

Postby smriti » Thu Mar 05, 2009 2:15 pm

Pranam Guruji,
I have done the Basic and Advance AOL course a couple of years back, and it really helped me. But now due to various problems I am not being able to do so. I was a subject of domestic violence a good number of times,and my husband has walked out on me and the kids to be with his mother, who also supports him. He does keep in touch with the kids but does no want to with me. . I am workinng and hardly get any time to spend with the kids. The best part of the whole thing is that he is an AOL member, News Co-ordinator ]and actively involved with THe Aol activities . He takes great happiness in not denying the violence inflicted on me. What is worse is the children's suffering , I am giving them counselling to overcome this trauma. My daughter also did Art EXcel, but nothing helped. Do you think such people are good examples for the org.? What should I do? He doesnt want to give a divorce and neither does he help in anyway. He is very happy this way since AOL has given him friends who he likes more than his so called family.Please tell me Guruji as to what I should do that is best for me and the kids. I am working very hard to make ends meet while he is busy about everything other than look fora job. Please help. Jaigurudev!
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Re: domestic violence

Postby gurjitwadhwa » Fri Aug 19, 2011 3:39 pm

if he's rude to you for no fault of yours, he won't start loving you all of a sudden, like i always say "attraction/love are not choices" , so you should divorce him and demand support in the court from your husband's income every month and get ur kids up in a peaceful environment
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