cant uderstand knowledge

This section is for Art of Living Devotees who would like to render some words to our beloved Guruji - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Hope Guruji will listen to what we say over here. Jai Guru Dev!

cant uderstand knowledge

Postby Shruti » Mon Dec 06, 2010 2:20 pm

Dear Guruji,

In all the books that I have read like God loves fun, wisdom for new millennium, Secrets of relationships, Narad Bhakti Sutra, I have always found that longingness in love n relationship increases love but anything like that did'nt happen... The person whom i love stays far away from where i stay, another state. He stays in my hometown and i stay in Bangalore. But he has changed a lot... its like, out of sight ,out of mind.. he doesnt have time for me. I miss him but he does'nt. :(

In the last 1 n half years , am the same, give him the same time as i used to when the relation was new.. but its like he almost stopped contacting me, even wont respond to my calls at times.. I love him. But i am afraid that my patience is getting over , i am tired of contacting him one sided all these time. Even though i dnt contact him, I keep feeling hurt and feel more sad when i realize that he doesnt love me anymore. :cry:

I wonder doesnt he long for our love? And what about my longing??? I didnt get love after longing ...
I have always stayed away from him, we never stayed in my home town together for more then a week or fortnight. For months together we dont see each other.. It doesnt matter to him. He is indifferent.

Knowledge doesnt give peace or solution, it just suppresses the emotions for sometime, its like a consolation prize, you just can console yourself for sometime that Ok i got something.. but the feeling of not being first is always deep rooted.
Am a human being and cant live like arobot without feelings and emotions.

Yours Sincerely
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