Jai Guru Dev

Jai Guru Dev

Postby mallikar » Mon Nov 10, 2008 11:49 am

Jai Gurudev

Hi everyone,

My name is Mallikarjuna Gupta(Mallik) and recently I did the advanced course in Hyderabad.

Before joining the basic and advanced course, I was like a dead cell. Guriji gave me life and made as a rechargeable cell. Guruji gave me rebirth to me and my family. I have experienced the joy of love :D , affection and life.

The course was amazing and I am really very fortunate to get in to the Art of living.

I have wasted many years of my life by not knowing the ART OF LIVING. Thanks God for knowing the importance of the AOL.

My sincere pranams to Guruji for designing an amazing course in this world.

I want all my family members & friends to get in to the course and experience the joy of love.

Jai Gurudev
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