Abhijit From Baroda

Abhijit From Baroda

Postby abhijitzala » Tue May 18, 2010 9:00 pm

Jai Gurudev

this is abhijit a Part-1 teacher from vadodara
as a teacher i believe that there is a teacher in every human being during our life time we play this roll to many

one day a senior teacher introduce me during in her part2 course & request me to share my experience that how is it to be a teacher she is also my TTC 2 Teacher... & suddenly i realized by seeing her & shared
That if as a parent some one ask that how you feel about your son when he is well settled , the only reply could be a face with full of grace, a teacher get this chance for so many times

Every one should teach at least one course, but must be sencitive that you are representative of Guruji
Be prepared first, Practice .. make your self fit & then become teacher , make it fast

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