what benefit of Meditation for our life ????

Re: what benefit of Meditation for our life ????

Postby sanjeev » Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:05 pm

hiii everyone from my personal experience i can state the benefits of yoga particularly meditation on our life........first of all it makes a person calm n composed ......the peace in mind is clearly visible on face......anyone interacting with you wil notice dat...
secondly practising meditation will help you in overcoming silly fears we have in life....like fear of dark ,height etc etc
thirdly it changes your perspective towards various situations which you come across in your life.....u ll b in a better way handling things and
making right decisions...
however the most important thing is dat while practising meditation one should be immune to the greed of achieving or reaping benefits ....just practice without expecting any miracles or rewards.....patience will pay off......
the initial phase is most difficult as most people due to lack of patience stop practising .......just keep practising u ll get the results....
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