My First Experience

My First Experience

Postby rajneeshplp » Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:42 am

hi Guys,

The other day I had an opportunity to visit one of the registration sessions of AOL course. Here are my first few observations.

Well, I was impressed with few of bhajans that I got to hear and they were kind of soothing, but I was little startled with kind of sychophantic adulation being bestowed on Guru ji.

As coming form orthodox view of value system, I have been fed on belief for long that an learned person is expected to live a modest and humble life and would not like himself to be celebrated like the followers were doing by repeatedly talking the name of Sri Sri.

Another thought that I come across that this course, intended to lead you to spiritual enlightenment, come with a mandatory fees of Rs 2000/- and echo thoughts of others that where does this fee go to. for anyone on such a noble path of alleviating the pain of masses links it (or gives impression of linking it) with commercial interests.
I did my bit of research and found there are rationalizations given for keeping the fees, eg. : to bring seriousness among people attending the progarm; using the collected fees for philanthropic purposes; interesting quotes on how commercial and spiritualism are linked.
Having said that, I find it absurd still to have a mandatory to have a fees for the program. That implies that a student with no income can't learn this program unless he has to borrow money from his parents. Or, a poor person who is having two meals a day run, is not expected to learn this program.

I apologise for putting such critical questions here on this forum and may attract hate replies. My intention is not remotely to hurt anyone's sentiments. I hope that all Sri Sri RAvi Sankar's disciples welcome healthy criticism as anything kept above cticique can go unchecked and become a mindless monster.

Offcourse I intend to enrol in the program and see how valuable the asanas are. I look forward to get valuable insights into controlling my anger and attaining spiritual containment.

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Re: My First Experience

Postby Jyothilakshmi » Thu Oct 18, 2012 4:44 pm

Jai Gurudev,

Hello Mr. Skeptic! AOL programme is for self improvement. If you enrol in the program to only see how valuable the asanas are, you would approach it with critical view only. You need to have an open mind to allow the instructions to be imbibed. Its for your own good and awakening, right?

Seeing your post is quite old, I hope by now you would have been guided to the right Master and have a different view now.

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